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All activity recorded on the shared tracker sends the most recent screen name until replaced or cleared set to null. To send an event, set the screen field values on the tracker, then send the hit. The following example uses the HitBuilders. EventBuilder to send an Event :.

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The cell tower of your operator generates some unique codes to locate the area where it is. So, basically my location feature points out the location of the cell tower from where you are getting the reception. This way we will be able to track the approximate location of the device. So, what all things do we need to track a cellphone?

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Things we need: 1. GPRS or internet connection. Software to get location codes. A working computer with internet connection and ofcourse Google maps. That's it! Proceed to step To know the current location of the cellphone, you will need four level of codes, namely: MCC - Mobile country code fixed code and available online MNC - Mobile network code fixed code and available online LAC - Local Area Code dynamic and required from the handset CID - Cell ID dynamic and required from the handset The first two codes can be obtained from wikipedia.

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Now, here is the tricky part You will have to convert those hexadecimal codes into decimal codes in order to enter them in to the search bar. Your device has been located! Now, the obvious question is how to send these codes regularly to the computer in order to continuously track it without a break?

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Sadly, i have no clue about it. There is no app or website i have come across that can handle such a query. If you happen to come across any such app that can perform this activity automatically, please do post it here. Sharing is learning!

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