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Daughter Gertrud H. At the same time, he is an affirmation-seeker; Ive always liked people and wanted them to like me, he baby tracker app android and iphone wrote. Youre open to date but youre not open for business. Many users complained about the iPhone GPS that is not working properly especially when using location services and navigational apps such as Waze and Pokemon GO.

While many of those who have experienced problems with the iPhone GPS have obtained remedy after updating to iOS 10, some found no luck from doing the same. If you too are dealing with issues on the iPhone 6s GPS services, feel free to refer to the suggested workarounds and potential solutions highlighted below. Be sure to test your device after completing each step to determine if the problem is already fixed and that your iPhone 6s GPS is back up and working properly. Before you start troubleshooting the problem, be sure to check on the following:. Proceed to the the following troubleshooting methods if problem persists after checking and performing the aforementioned factors.

Soft reset or reboot can fix a lot of minor software issues in mobile devices. Should the GPS problem you are dealing with is triggered by random software malfunctions, performing a soft reset on your iPhone 6s might be able to fix it. To do so, just turn your iPhone off and then back on like you usually do. A soft reset will not affect or erase data on your device.

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Alternatively, you can force your iPhone to restart. The process is similar to that of a soft reset but through the hard keys. This method is recommended for iPhones that become unresponsive due to GPS apps errors or software glitches. LTE offers higher cellular speeds or loads data faster. This is another workaround you can try.

Sometimes, the culprit is within the network settings. It could be incorrect network configuration or wrong options set, which results to the iPhone 6s GPS that is not working or works but not providing accurate location or wrong direction is given. Resetting the network settings on the iPhone is a potential remedy.

You have to note though that network information including Wi-Fi networks and passwords will be erased in the process. That being said, be sure to take note of this information before you start. Aside from new features and enhanced functions, iOS updates also contain bug fixes to address certain issues transpiring in iOS devices including GPS errors on the iPhone 6s.

Thus, installing the update will eradicate the bug as well. If none of the aforementioned solutions is able to fix the GPS problem transpiring on your iPhone 6s, here are some other workarounds for you to try on. Your last resort would be a factory reset.

How to Use Find My iPhone to Track Your Lost or Stolen iOS Device

The process will wipe your iPhone and set it up as new. All contents, customized settings and system bugs will be erased in the process. You can use perform a factory reset through the iPhone Settings or using iTunes.

Find My iPhone: Lock and track your device using Lost Mode

The latter method requires a computer with the latest version of iTunes installed. Once everything is set, follow these steps to reset and restore your iPhone 6s with iTunes:.

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At this point, escalating the problem to your carrier or Apple Support is your next best option.